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A product, our product, this Revolution doesn't happen by chance. 

LOQZIN is the outcome of 15 years of research and development - research that ushers us into a new era of skincare. At our laboratory Mayor In-Vivo, we are the industry leader in bio-fermented vegan ingredients designed to improve your skin's efficacy. 

As a brand, we turn to nature for our solutions. By combining Japanese natural ingredients with cutting-edge research, we can proudly offer new products previously unseen in our industry. We do so much more than just pick out our ingredients. We examine every component down to the molecular level, taking the time to research each and every part. We believe this is the secret to our success and allows us to offer proven products that work. Our passion lies in our ability to help you - the consumer. We fulfill our passion by providing you with natural products that work. 

By developing sulfate-free and phthalate-free skincare products, we aspire to start a movement, something that inspires others to follow in our steps as an environmentally friendly beauty brand. We combine our technical expertise with a desire to create eco-friendly, sustainable beauty products. As specialists in metabolic, antioxidant, and anti-aging solutions, we employ nutritionists, physicians, and scientists who aim to find new natural and innovative answers to aging.   

We offer proven and research-backed cosmetic solutions for your skincare needs. We create products that others simply cannot produce due to our background in metabolic disease solutions and medical formulations for probiotic health. We can help you regain your youthful beauty. With the regular use of our LOQZIN skincare, you will accomplish precisely that.